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The Coffee Story; is now open!

Welcome to The Coffee Story  in Pembrokeshire, brought to you by Capital Roasters, the new hub for coffee enthusiasts and curious minds alike! Our newly opened facility invites you to embark on an immersive journey exploring the fascinating story of coffee.

The Coffee Story

Delve deep into the annals of history to uncover the origins of coffee and its remarkable evolution across the globe. Discover the tales of its discovery, how it captivated cultures, and the ways it has shaped social interactions over centuries.

From Bean to Cup

Learn about the meticulous process of coffee cultivation and harvesting in various countries. Understand the intricate steps involved in processing the beans, from the lush fields where they are grown to the precise methods used to prepare them for roasting.

State-of-the-Art Roasting

Get an exclusive glimpse into our new production facility, featuring the cutting-edge Toper roaster. This advanced machinery represents the pinnacle of roasting technology, ensuring each bean is roasted to perfection.

The Art of Roasting and Brewing 

Witness first-hand the skill and artistry that goes into roasting coffee. Our visitor experience will guide you through the process, explaining the nuances of different roast profiles and brewing methods, and how they influence the final cup's flavour.

Tasting Café 

After your enlightening tour, relax in our on-site tasting café. Here, you can indulge in a variety of coffee blends and single-origin offerings, freshly roasted and brewed. Experience the distinct flavors and aromas that make our coffee the freshest and most unique in town.

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or new to the world of coffee, The Coffee Story in Pembrokeshire offers an enriching experience that will deepen your appreciation for this beloved beverage. Join us in this captivating journey from bean to cup!



What are your opening hours?

The Coffee Story is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Can you tell me about the accessibility at The Coffee Story?

The Coffee Story features ground-level accessibility, including fully equipped accessible toilet facilities, ensuring comfort and convenience for all our visitors.

Are dogs permitted at The Coffee Story?

Certainly, well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome at The Coffee Story, although we do not currently provide specific pet facilities.

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